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Many people who purchase hosting do so with the intention of hosting a Wordpress website. Wordpress is an open-source CMS platform that was originally designed to create blogs, but has since expanded into a vast network of plugins that allow you to create almost any kind of website or application.

Using cPanel, you can get up and running with Wordpress quite easily.

Installing Wordpress

  1. First, log into your cPanel. Click here to log into your client area
  2. Once there, select Site Software. The icon looks like this:

  3. Select Wordpress under Blogs:

  4. You will be presented with the following form:

    The form presents you with a license you must agree to, and requests some information it needs to create the Wordpress site. The information it needs includes:
    • Administrator login credentials
    • Basic website information
    • Default installation URL - you will probably want to clear the input here since you probably want it to be at your root directory.
    • Database info - you need to give Wordpress the information to create a new database or use an existing one. Click here to learn how to create a database using cPanel.

You should now see a confirmation page. Voila! Your website now has an installation of Wordpress

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